Mi4 Stopper:

This category of bullet is formed of high density materials (e.g., lead, copper, tungsten) and is propelled at the highest possible speeds, resulting in a high mass high velocity round that is further enhanced by the company’s proprietary Deep-Impact technology to deliver the necessary stopping power for a one shot kill. As it name suggests, the Mi4 Stopper round is designed to “stop” all aggression, simply put kill/terminate the enemy. Mi4 Stopper rounds will enjoy all of the normal advantages of a Mi4 bullet while delivering the stopping power and one-shot lethality.

Typical medical response – D.O.A

Core Tactical Advantages:

  • High hit probability
  • Delivered from existing weapon (i.e. One gun solution)
  • Full lethality / One shot kill
  • Quicken response time
  • Deep-impact Technology
  • One weapon solution- - i.e. replace, pepper-spray, Taser, etc. with Smart-Stack

Ideal Applications:

  • Law enforcement – 3rd bullet fired (Smart-Stack)
  • Military - S.K.I.P-Stack combat, “one shot kill”
  • Personal / Home defense- 3rd bullet fired (Smart-Stack)

S.K.I.P- Stack (Systematically Kill the Intended Person)

The combined and sequential use of a lethal (T3 Stopper) round followed by a standard slug, then repeating the sequence for the remainder of the load. This unique blending of ammunitions creates not only a tremendous tactical advantage at the onset of an engagement, it preserves the high hit probability for each consecutive engagement thereafter. Creating a brand-new tactical advantage in a prolonged gun battle, an effect we call Harassment Fire. Harassment fire™ is a phrase that simply describes tactical advantage gained by incorporating the high hit probability of T3™ rounds to improve shooters typical load sequence. NOTE: S.K.I.P-Stack doctrine is most effectively used with a “double-tap firing sequence”.

The combined use of non-lethal (aka: T3 Stingers), semi-lethal (aka: T3 Stunners), lethal (aka: T3 Stoppers) and traditional slugs loaded in a particular sequence and then fired from a single gun to deliver varying levels of stopping power. If the situation requires, a shooter can transition from a non-lethal to a lethal response as fast as they can pull the trigger (fraction of a second), without running the risk of applying insufficient or excessive force. Creating for the first time a one gun solution for anyone finding himself in a difficult situation.

The specific combination of the high mass bullet segments propelled at a high velocity with a low strength tether, that upon striking a live human or animal target is specifically designed to quickly break the tethers and allow for the maximum depth of travel of the segments (multiple wound channels) inside the body cavity.

One gun solution

Provides the shooter the ability to quickly and accurately deliver varying levels of stopping power from a single weapon. One of the biggest threats to a person in a hostile situation is a delayed reaction from indecision. The introduction of our Smart-Stack doctrine of use provides the shooter a single weapon solution regardless of the threat level. Shooters no longer have to make a split second life or death choice as to what weapon to use (e.g. Pepper-spray, Taser or Primary Gun).