What inspired the design?

Todd Kuchman, Co-Founder and President of ABC LLC, is a long time gun enthusiast and hunter of 25 years who has experienced several Colorado back country elk hunting trips. Like most adventurous hunters that journey deep into the Rockies, he often found plenty of time to sit and think while waiting for the opportunity to hopefully get a shot. With his past experience as an inventor, he chose to use his time to find better ways of doing things then what is currently available, so it came as no surprise to those of us that know him, when he said, “I came up with a new bullet on my last trip.” Here is how the story unfolded.

Todd and his friend Trevor were walking back to camp after an all day elk hunt, when they walked to within 25 feet of a “Prairie Chicken” (a large grouse) that had startled and frozen in its tracks. At this time Trevor quietly pointed out, that a real mountain man fighting for survival would have to add that bird to the dinner pot that night.

Armed with only a large caliber hunting rifle and a 9mm pistol, Todd quickly decided that - if a shot was to be fired - it would be with his pistol before the bird took flight. Todd quickly began to imagine how it might be possible to take down a bird with a pistol without spoiling the meat. With his existing slug bullet, Todd knew he would need a very lucky, once-in-a-lifetime perfect headshot to kill the bird from ~25 feet away with a pistol.

That night as they sat around the camp fire, Todd began to realize just how ineffective a pistol would be in a survival situation. Over the next few days he replayed the almost impossible pistol shot over and over in his head. After countless ideas on how to make a bullet fired from a pistol have a higher hit probability while preserving the necessary stopping power, he conceived the basic concept of what is now a reality, the Wide Envelopment Bullet with Multiple Impact Technology.

Todd tinkered with his new bullet idea for over a year. Then one day Todd and his brother Jaye came across a video on the internet of a man firing a revolver at another man (trying to kill him) from a distance of no more than 8 feet. At first they were amazed that the man firing the gun appeared to have missed with all six bullets. As it turned out, two or three of the bullets grazed the man, causing only superficial wounds. While watching the video, Todd realized that if the gunman had fired his new bullet, the three grazes would have been direct hits. Soon after that day, Todd called Jaye and said he just made some prototypes, so they set up a test firing and, wouldn’t you know it, the bullets worked better than expected!

That same week and just by coincidence, two men attempted a home invasion while Todd and his fiancée were in the home. Fortunately the criminals were discovered quickly by a friend and neighbor who immediately alerted Todd of the situation, prompting Todd to grab his personal/home defense pistol and together with the neighbor chased the would-be criminals away.

This event prompted Todd to attend an advanced tactical pistol training course as a requirement to obtaining a concealed weapon permit - to allow for the defense of his growing family. The course was designed to condition marksmen for the realities of handling a weapon during a perceived and/or actual life threatening situation. The training course attempted to simulate the effects of fear and adrenaline as the marksmen trained - which Todd had experienced first-hand during the attempted home invasion.

During the classroom portions of the sometimes intense tactical training stages, a grim and sobering string of statistics was presented by the internationally renowned instructor. Two of the statistics left Todd and the rest of the class in utter disbelief. First, more than 90% of bullets fired by trained law enforcement officers in the line of duty (not during practice) miss the person they are shooting at. Second, the vast majority of the above mentioned shootings occur at a separation distance of 15 feet or less. By the end of the day, knowing the true extent of the limitations of existing ballistic technology and marksmen to deliver accurate fire when under pressure, Todd shifted 100% of his focus to the refinement of his new bullet design.

And as they say the rest is history, Advanced Ballistic Concepts, LLC. was founded and has since successfully developed three primary variations (non-lethal, semi-lethal, and fully lethal) of the core Multiple Impact technology, and is in the process of aligning itself with industry leaders to establish large scale production capabilities.