After nearly 3 years of Research and development, the engineers of Advanced Ballistics Concepts and our industry leading partner have successfully developed three performance categories its new Multiple Impact (Mi4) ballistics technology (non-lethal, semi-lethal, fully lethal ) and are ready to move to large-scale commercial production. In December of 2010 the company was granted its International Patent License and is now patent pending on its new technology.

Working with leading industry insiders our engineers are currently designing the necessary high-speed equipment to streamline the manufacturing process, to enable low cost mass production of the new multi-segmented bullets. Upon completion of this design the company will be in the position to offer future partners a one stop, cost effective manufacturing solution to enter/dominate the enormous ammunition market with this one-of-a-kind technology.

Looking Forward

Coinciding with the 2011 Shot Show in Las Vegas we are excited to introduce to the ballistic industry our new Wide Envelopment Bullet (W.E.B.) that incorporates our proprietary Multiple Impact technology (Mi4) (a one of a kind prior-to-impact expansion technology).

Its official debut on January 10th is designed to allow for a sneak preview by the industry insiders prior to the shot show where we will be giving private demonstrations. We have and will continue to meet with and identify likely development and licensing partners for our future growth. Our revolutionary design will be licensed to industry leading gun and bullet manufactures/distributors (both domestic and international), as well as, defense contractors and other companies that may be interested in expanding their presents in the ammunition market. The many different end-user markets (e.g. military, police, civilian/home defense and hunting/survival), will allow for several, but limited, potential partners or a single master license if the licensee is strong enough.

We believe our new design offers current industry leaders brand new marketing advantage over existing products to boost sales and profits. The innovative design will change the effectiveness of existing guns and potentialy transform the industry forever. To learn more about how to become a potential partner please contact us via the contact us page.